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Gervais: "I'm not doing television to make money" Ricky's interview with

Ricky Gervais' interview with roughly translated into English using Google Translate so apologies if some sentences do not make sense but you get the gist of it!
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"The Office" David is resurrected.
 Ricky Gervais the secret feature film plans - and the future of the hit series "Derek" for Expressen.
- I love Derek - but I have to move on, he says.

He has abandoned the irony in favor of goodness.
Now, the second season of "The Office" creator Ricky Gervais comedy drama "Derek" premiere on Netflix in Sweden. The series takes place in a retirement home. In the lead role, we see Ricky himself. He plays Derek who works at home and goes far beyond their job description to help the residents.
- The main difference is that I released the irony. By David Brent we laughed at the difference in how he saw himself, and how we see him. "Derek" is more heartfelt. Where we cheer on the characters. The enemy, and that we laugh at and hate the outside world, he says.

We laugh really for ourselves.
- Yes. I've always tried to make it so. In "The Office" is the characters' weaknesses, their own fault. In "Derek" is not the deficiencies. They are poor, not so smart, or dependent. It is not wrong, but rather disadvantages.
Fervency, why do it now? 
- The older you get, the more grief you will experience. Even parents die, and soon your siblings. Things become more serious. Man changing. What I laughed at ten years ago I have become. I have swung against the rich and famous. But now it's me rich and famous.
David Brent is resurrected

It has been speculated that a third season is on the way.
Ricky Gervais kills the rumours quickly.
- Probably not. I might do a special episode. I love Derek. But I must move on. I'm not doing television to make money.
For "The Office" fans, he confirms the character David Brent's resurrection.
Right now the comedian will be filming a tour as David Brent which will be a behind the scenes mockumentary, to explain "what happened next"

"Top Secret," "Brilliant"

- It gets very dark and sad, but also funny. David believes that it is an important documentary, but you can see just how sad it is for a 50-year-old salesman to spend all their money trying to become a pop star.
But he also has secret feature film dreams. In 2016 Ricky Gervais hopes to show the world "a kind of semi-political satire" about war. He compares it to "Wag the dog".
- I can not even talk about it, because I have not pitched the idea to anyone. I have no title and the script is not finished. I do not even know what it should be about. But it will be brilliant and smart. A very smart comedy about ... something. Just type: "Ricky Gervais writes a brilliant movie, which is really top secret. But it is really brilliant," he says, laughing.

Ricky GERVAIS' Series so far.....

Series: "Comedy Lab" (1998)
Character: Clive Meadows. The series "Golden years" was made only in one section, and showed in "Comedy Lab". There'm Ricky Gervais a character who runs a video rental business. He is also obsessed with David Bowie.

Series: "The Office" (2001)
Character: David Brent. The self-deceiving middle manager, as the series "The Office" revolves around. Brent works at a paper company. An important aspect is his unawareness of how the world looks at him. Often ask how old people think he is. 're Insulted even when someone guesses correctly.

Series: "Extras" (2005)
Character: Andy Millman. Left the job on the bank of betting on actor dream. Rude, and constantly angry at his agent. The only job he can get is as statistically. In each section plays a famous person a twisted version of himself.

Series: "Derek" (2013)
Character: Derek Noakes. I work at a nursing home. Like celebrities and reality shows. Love Youtube. Talking time about animals. For Derek, it is important to be kind than to be smart and stylish. That attitude has marginalized him in society. In one section he calls an ambulance to rescue a baby bird.