Monday, 4 August 2014

Ricky's Facebook Q&A August 2014

Here is Ricky's entire Facebook Q&A for you to read at your leisure:

Q: Are you really going to make a David Brent film?
A: I'm really going to try. I might die before I finish it though :)

Q:Whom would you like to work with most, on a film or TV project?
A:Kristin Wiig, Ryan Gosling, Eric Bana, Mr. Sidney Poitier.

Q:You call your crazy photos bath pics do you have a name for those that aren't in the bath but they are just as crazy? Love you Ricky. Good Luck at the Emmys. :)
A: Pics :)

Q:If you were a worm how long would you be?
A: From head to tail? Or from head to my enormous balls?

Q:Mr. your work, love your passion, love you! My question...Do you like animals more than people?
A: I like nice people as much as animals.

Q:Do you think you'll answer all these questions?
A: Yes. I mean no. Damn I've wasted time!

Q:Do you still have the suit made out of curtains?
A: Sadly no. And I'd need bigger curtains these days.

Q:What would be your advice to someone who wants to become a writer in comedy?

Q:You got a US stand up show planned anytime soon?
A: I'd love to do another US tour. My live work keeps getting pushed back whenever a TV or film project comes along.

Q: Favourite character in The Office?
A: Gareth. I based him on a guy I went to school with. That's why he seems like an adolesecent. Kev is based on his best friend. There were two of them in my class. Imagine that.

Q: So when are you going vegan :-)?
A:Gradually. But I like cheese too much. I'm weak.

Q:How old were you when you decided that you were an atheist?
A: 8

Q:Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?
A:In the hot seat, of course.

Q:Have you ever stepped barefoot in your cat's vomit?
A: Yes, as she usually does it in the middle of the night right by the bed.

Q: You were once fat and now you're less fat. Elaborate.
A: I used to consume more calories than I burned. Then I started to consume less calories than I burned. Science. :)

Q: Any more live shows planned for David Brent?
A:Not in the diary yet but I'm definitely going to do more. They're so much fun.

Q: What's black and white but red all over?
A:A newspaper, a sunburnt penguin and a nun with a javelin through her neck.

Q: What's your favourite record at the moment?
A: Keaton Henson's last album.

Q: Who is your favourite comedian 'not including yourself'?
A: Me. I never read the last part of the question.

Q:Do you still have Kev's painting from Derek?
A:No. I donated it to the local church.

Q:Will you come to lovely Calgary Alberta and have a drink with me?
A: I drove from Calgary to Banff a couple of years ago and it really is the most beautiful countryside on earth.

A:Bashing the bishop!

Q:Will David Brent release an album?
A:Would you buy it?

Q:Best book you read?
A:The Bible. It's given me a lifetime of material.

Q:Thought Derek was a masterpiece BTW

Q:What is your honest opinion about Sweden?
A: Love it. Smart, liberal, cold.

Q: Are you hardcore atheist or have you got an agnostic side?A: The two are not mutually exclusive. One concerns itself with belief, the other with knowledge.     We are all technically agnostic. Believers don't know but choose to believe there is a god. Atheists don't know so choose to not believe there is a god.

Q: Can you play that accordion yet?
A: It depends what you mean by play.

Q: Come to Dallas! !!
A:I've been to San Antonio. I assume it's similar, right?

Q: No question but a comment, sir  Just wanted to thank you for all your work. "Derek" touched me so much and inspired me to move in with my father. I lived just across town from him but this is much better. He was diagnosed with dementia. I love that goofball  Also, I just completed my training as a hospice volunteer. During the breaks in the all day training, we all talked about "Derek" around the table; it touched us all so deeply  Thanks again!
A: Thank you 

Q: How are your going to answer all these questions ?
A:I'm not.

Q: What do you imagine Eric Hitchmo looks like?
A:He's based on an old guy I used to work with who accidentally retired a year early because he got his age wrong. He had to come back in the next week and ask if he could come back for a year. True.

Q: I don't have a question but want to say thanks for everything you do to help animals. 

A: My pleasure 

Q: Hey, when are you going to do Humanity?!
A:I've been busy 

Q: Which Hollywood A lister that you have met do you think is the most down to earth and normal?
A: Tom Hanks

Q: Will you be making a third season of Derek?
A: think I'm going to keep to my usual format of 2 series and a special. The special will be amazing though. I promise. (Not legally binding, no money back)

Q:Are you ever going to come and see us in Australia?
A:It's on my bucket list

Q: Are you against religion?
A:No. Religion is never wrong.

Q:Who does yer tampons?
A: Nobby Burton, 2 for a tenner, yes please.

Q: Favourite philosopher?
A:Bertand Russell. No, wait, Des' ree.

Q: Have you considered doing another 'The Office UK?'
A: Not The Office as such, but I intend to catch up with what Brent us doing now and what he's been up to since leaving Wernham Hogg.

Q:Favourite movie?
A: Godfather.

Q: Will David Brent ever perform in the US? (More specifically CA
A: One day I'm sure he will, yes

Q: Why is the training day your favourite episode. Of the office?
A: I like how he showed he still wanted to be a pop star. I also like the way he so wanted to be in charge he was happy to shout: "I think there's been a rape up there!"

Q: What's next? More Derek? More Idiot Abroad? More Brent?
A: A Derek special hopefully, an Office update with a Brent movie and then another stand-up tour. But in the immediate future I need to get the Emmys out of the way. Did I mention I'm nominated for another Emmy? :)