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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Ricky Gervais' Entire Facebook Q&A-October 29th 2014

Q: Hi Ricky - have you ever eaten a sausage that has gone cold, and got that little bit of horrible white fat stuck to the bottom?

A: Is this some awful prison slang?

Q: Do you actually have Instagram because I posted a birthday message and you liked it but none of my friends believed it was you

Q: Do you shave your balls
A: Of course I don't, I have a butler.

Q: Do you like joe rogan? It seemed like you weren't getting on, when you were on Opie and Anthony.
A: Really? We got on great. Yeah, I really like him.

Q: Any chance of hosting the Golden Globe Awards again?
A: Never say never. :-)

Q: Just do the catchphrase!!
A: You 'avin' a laff?

Q: Who are your comedic inspirations?
A: Laurel and Hardy, Christopher Guest and real life

Q: What is your biggest 'wow' moment?
A:Probably winning my first Golden Globe award.

Q:Will you do anything more with Constantine?
A:I love that little guy.

Q:Who's your favourite philosopher?
A:Bertrand Russell. And Dolly Parton and Des'ree, of course.

Q:What's your favourite place in England?
A:London and Bath probably.

Q:What scares you?
A:Spiders and dying. In that order.

Q:What was your first job
A:Hyperactive child.

Q:Ricky, what's the meaning of life?
A:To enjoy it.

Q:Were you a funny kid? Like class clown?
A:I certainly thought so.

Q:HI Ricky, just wondering with all the hilarious outtakes how many scenes did not make it to the show? Thanks
A:I'd say 25% of all filming is ruined through laughing.

Q:The invention of Lying is my all time fave movie. Did you cowrite it? Brilliant
A:Thank you.

Q:What is your favouritest Australian animal?
A:They're all mental, in a good way, but I love wombats and platypuses.

Q:Night at the museum 3?
A:Good question. Yes.

Q:How's Robin? Has he developed a stutter?
A:No, but his hair's falling out fast.

Q:If you could give the human race one message, what would it be?
A:The Derek DVD is out now in Australia. Go forth and buy it.

Q:When is The Office movie scheduled for release??

Q:Ricky! Where do I start? Why are you an atheist?
A:The better question is "why isn't everyone?"  :-)

Q:Do you scare yourself sometimes?
A:Yeah, in dreams. I don't know why.

Q:Do you have a girlfriend Ricky?
A:Yes, her name is Jane and as you can see from my picture, she is a very lucky girl.

Q:What are the 39 steps?
A:I don't know but I'm taking the lift.

Q:Are you shy, quiet and reserved in real life? Are you acting?
A:I'm not shy but I'm quite private and I don't like crowds much.

Q:Mine is a statement, not a are fucking awesome!!!  :-D
A:Mine is not an answer, it is just so people can see your statement.

Q:Which is the better biscuit, custard cream or bourbons?
A:Neither are great, but custard cream by far. Bourbons are awful. There, I said it.

Q:Do you answer questions in your " Q and A " sessions ?

Q:What was it like to work with Gerard Kelly? Bunny was one of my favourite characters in Extras, and it's quite sad that he's passed away.
A:He was hilarious. All the time.

Q:How is writing the new stand up show.?When can we expect it?. I'm very much looking forward to it. Hopefully you tour Australia with it.
A:I have a bag full of notes but stand-up seems to be the thing that gets pushed back as new film and TV projects rear their heads

Q:How on earth you manage to be so super handsome all the time?
A:It's what baby Jesus wanted

Q:My daughter loves when you find things in your bellybutton!!
A:I found this today.
Q:Will there be a Derek season 3?
A:No, same as The Office and Extras... 2 series and a special.

Q:Hi Ricky. Could you please say hi to my two daughters Nicola and Sophie. (They stayed up)
A:Hello Nicola and Sophie.

Q:Are you going to make anymore of the office? X
A:Sort of. I'm writing a movie based around what David Brent is doing now. He's working as a rep but spending his hard-earned cash on touring with Foregone Conclusion to try to make it as a rock star.

Q:Watched Ghost Town on the weekend. Loved it. Xx

Q:What inspires your comedy ?
A:Real life, with a twist.

Q:Hey Ricky! Are you ever going to do a comedy tour in Australia?
A:I'd love to come to Australia one day but I want to do it when I have enough time to really explore your beautiful nation.

Q:Hey Ricky!!! 
Just wondering what
your inspiration for Derek was? Did you find it hard to find a balance between
humor and life in the series? Do you see any future series ahead for Derek? 
Are there any projects on the horizon for yourself, Steve and Karl in
the future? 
Ps. Your work is hilarious and incredible – and even that is an
A:The main inspiration came from the fact that most of the women in my family were and still are care workers. I'm about to film the special next month. Thanks for watching.

Q:Can't see any replies, hmmmm.

A:Refresh the page.